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    PROMON 501 HD

    New High Speed HD video camera. Maximum resolution 2048 x 1088. Maximum speed 7400 fps at reduced ROI.
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    PROMON Scope

    Process monitoring in detail to 2000 fps. Touchscreen, battery operated, industrial high speed camera system with long record times (20 minutes +)
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    Q-Series Camera

    3 mega-pixel high speed camera (1710 x 1696) Speeds to 100,000 fps
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    S-PRI high speed video camera

    Custom made camera with off-the-shelf value. 800 x 600 @ 1000fps and options for higher resolution and speed.
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    S-VIT Ruggedized

    Crash Sled ready, shock and vibration to 100g any axis. Higher enviromental temps / humdity options
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    SMIZE Ultra Small high speed camera

    Basic to full featured high speed video camera in ultra small package
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    STLR Steaming Camera

    Writes direct to HD or DRAM of your computer. 200fps @ 640 x 480
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    TRI-VIT Ultra Thin 1280 x 1024 @ 1000fps camera

    Full featured I/O, NTSC video, IRIG and attached monitor option with camera controls