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 HD  L-Series high speed camera



 L-Series high speed camera provides 1920 x 1080 HD resolution (all active pixels) at 2800 fps with an advanced feature set for your most demanding applications. A new sensor offers superior image quality and light sensitivity with frame rates up to 80,000 fps. The L-series cameras have a small footprint but large (up to 128GB)  internal memory capacity,  operate with the included Imaging Studio V4 and are out of the box ready to record brilliant high speed video at the lowest price per pixel of any high speed camera capable of HD full pixel resolution at better than 2500 fps.


  • Examples of frame rate vs resolution available include:
  • 1920x 1080 @ 2800 fps
  • 1920 x 720 @ 4100 fps
  • 1920 x 540 @ 5400 fps
  • 1920 x 256 @ 11,000
  • Superior image quality and brightness.
  • Lowest comparable price for available capabilities
  • Full HD resolution at up to 2800 fps
  • Compact and connected via WLAN or Ethernet
  • Extensions options include CFast Flash Disk, microSD, and HDMI
  • User variable resolution and frame rate (within a pixel and or a single frame) to 80,000 fps.