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 Digital West Imaging offers a wide selection of high speed video cameras and accessories for slow motion video replay and motion analysis of high speed events. Our customers represent a diverse group with an enormous range of applications; At the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma, we provided high speed camera solutions for lightning research, and at the National Institute for Aviation Research our cameras were selected for the Crash Dynamics Lab. From our award as the predominate high speed camera supplier for missile tracking at the world's largest open-air / overland missile range in the northern hemisphere to the production line at Coca-Cola, Digital West Imaging was the choice. We have the experience and products to help you capture your high speed events.


 National Institute for Aviation Research

Unique customer requirements require unique cameras and accessories. We offer class-leading combinations of cameras, software, lighting, lens, and associated equipment. Optimized for the most demanding applications requiring high resolution, fine details, and fast frame rates. Customize your own high speed camera to include only the features important to your application and upgrade in the future as needed.

Need MIL SPEC certification for an flight application? Studying a subject under a microscope? Need cameras for crash testing capable of withstanding high G-force, shock, and vibration? Cutomization is the key to a camera fit for your application.