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High speed video cameras from Digital West Imaging provide slow motion video and instant replay of events that are faster than the unaided eye can see. Prices starting under $4,000

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For more than a decade Digital West Imaging has provided high speed cameras and services to reveal hidden motion, uncover a flawed design, confirm assumptions, and record high speed video for commercial, industrial, medical, and military applications.

New sensors, electronics, and faster camera communications have resulted in smaller, faster cameras with greater durability and light sensitivity than ever before. These developments have resulted in lower prices for high speed cameras and lower production costs for creating high speed videos for slow motion replay. Many more producers, engineers, scientists, and people from every discipline are finding access to these cameras and the ability to record slow motion videos now within reach.

We can customize a high speed camera for your specific application. Our suppliers have included Kodak MASD, SVSI, NAC, Redlake, AOS Technologies, and more, providing us a wealth of knowledge and experience that may help you. Perhaps you are not ready to invest in a high speed camera purchase. Rentals and experienced camera operators are also available to record your slow motion video at a cost effective price. If you have any questions along the way, let us know. We provide prompt answers to your high speed camera questions.

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